Out of Sync

Hello darkness my old friend, I’ve come to chat with you again…

Sorry, I usually only do that in the shower… or something…

Anyway, it seems strange now to see this all kick up again doesn’t it? Wait, what? Has it really been that long that we have forgotten about the Wednesday date?

Okay, okay, okay, I give. You need a refresher. On Saturdays, Indies Unlimited shares a picture and a word prompt for their weekly flash fiction challenge. We have until Tuesday to write a 250 word story based on the prompts. Then on Wednesday everyone has an opportunity to vote for their favorite story for the week (Mine right. Right? Right?! Is this thing on?).

What follows is the picture and prompt followed by my story.

Out of Sync

Everything in this reality has a harmonic signature: a frequency of vibration that makes it discernible and “real” to everything else with the same vibratory resonance.

out of Synch

Photo by K.S. Brooks

The blurry people behind the two standing nearest to the fire are not from this reality. In fact, the man and woman were oblivious to these visitors.

I could sense them and took the picture with my trans-harmonic camera.

Yeah, I’m not from this reality either. The problem is that these new trans-reality travelers are not from here and not from my reality. I have to find out why they are here. That’s my job…

The name’s Stein, I’m a sync hunter. I’ve been chasing these perps for the past month. We can get a trace with the TransHarmonicPhazeInducer but these two have been a bit tricky.

They seem to know when we have a lead on their next location. Every location we have set an ambush to catch them, they have phased in and phased out before we could close the trap.

The phasewall is cracked, noticed it on their last phase. We don’t know how much longer before it ruptures and that’s pretty bad. At least that’s what I was told. Like time phase split bad.

But I’m ready for them this time. Have an inverter prepared to fire off right at their moment of full phase. Any second now, if you knew what you were looking for you would see the air crackle around them.

Just a press of the button, timed just right.

Hell ya, the two can’t go anyway. Froze them in a stilltimevortex. In your reality you might call it a picture. In mine, we reduce the phased perps into digital anti-matter and freeze them until we can use the PhaseAdjuster to force them into our reality permanently.

Something’s not right. My wife died 3 years ago in a phasetime meltdown. This can’t be her. Dear god, this can’t be her.


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