Og’s redemption

Unless you have had some special mushrooms and been chased by horn heads, you probably know that this is Wednesday. It is also time for the reveal of the story for Indies Unlimited flash fiction challenge.

This is a weekly flash fiction challenge to find new stories of 250 words or less. Indies Unlimited gives out a picture and written prompt and we get to write a story to match up. The best stories for the week are put up for a vote by the public at large.

Og’s Redemption

Og’s eyes popped open. He found himself lying in the forest covered in fern leaves. His Cro-Magnon head was pounding. He remembered eating some mushrooms after accidentally scaring off the herd of horn-heads.

Now Og has to figure out how to get back to his clan. Sure, they had kicked him out, yet again, but they never really meant it, did they? Og would do good by bringing back some food and winning them over. What could go wrong?

Og's redemption

photo by K.S. Brooks

Og had spent the better part of a week collecting the mushrooms. He had enough for the entire tribe. Never come back empty handed, that is what old Og had told him so long ago. But to get past Grogog, what was the harder task. Grogog had been the first to cast him out, every time it happened. Og smiled with the plan that grew in his mind.

He had already been following the tribe as he planned for his return. They would seen be in horn-head territory and Og knew the best way to set it all in motion.

The tribe had settled for the day, hunting parties returned with meat and berries they had collected. Unaware of Ogs plan, they laughed and ate the day’s feast. Og found a large herd of horn-heads prepared his surprise.

He jumped down from a birch tree and screamed at the herd. Like before they startled and crashed through the forest away from the offending noise, straight through his tribe’s camp. The stampede trampled and stomped through the entire tribe.

By the time the dust settled, Og had gathered his skin of mushrooms and strolled into the decimated camp. As he had hoped, the herd had stomped on Grogog’s head and broken his body. Things were looking up for Og.

And then he saw the rest of the tribe.

Not a one had been able to escape the rush of the herd. Og was still alone, but he had mushrooms.


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