New Year Place Holder

New Year Place Holder

Yep, you read it right. This post is essentially a place holder. It isn’t that I don’t have anything to say right now, but more that there is quite a bit coming up into the future and I don’t know where to begin. Or maybe I do but I don’t want to get into all of it yet. or something…

So right now I want to say Happy New Year and welcome to the next trip around the sun.

Now for some business. Over the course of the next year we can expect to see much of the same of what we have come to expect from this space; stories, and introspection and all sorts of misspent time and misunderstandings. But I am also in the process of putting together something new as well.

You may remember at one point during the past year that I made a pass at some strangeness with the stories of the band Lightning Jack and the Purple Iguanas. The problem I encountered with that set up was a matter of format. I like the idea but I was never really happy with the execution. It is one that would have made for some good radio drama I think, but as a weekly snippet it lacked a bit of what it could have been.

After some consideration I realized what it was I wanted to do with the stories. At some point I will be creating a comic strip feature that will show case the band and their exploits. At least that is the hope. The problem: I have always considered myself unteachable when it comes to art. But I appreciate art and understand a modicum of artistic theory when it comes to comics and such.

What does this mean exactly…

I have been dabbling with pencil drawings a bit and I’ve found that I am at least slightly better than I originally surmised. It will take a bit still before I reach a place where I am comfortable and able to share the stories themselves but it will come in time. In the process, there will be times where concept art will be showcased here so we can all have quick glimpses of what is to come in the future. Who knows, this idea may surprise us all.

new year place holder This was a sketch I did playing around a little bit ago of one of the possible directions the characters might take. I had outlandish thoughts of making the characters not quite fit the mold of what we could consider normal. But I think that might take away from the real strange dealings of the world the band inhabits. So I doubt that this concept will carry forward.

But again, this is simply a possible direction, though a doubtful one. I will share more as I work through the possibilities. I don’t know about you, but I am looking forward to where this strange trip might take us.

I hope your holidays have gone well and I hope that this year is a great one for you.

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