New World

Listen up. Today is Wednesday. You know what that means. If I’ve told you once I’ve told you 1000 times. Don’t make me turn this car around…

What? Indies Unlimited Flash Fiction Challenge
Why? Cause they give us the prompts and we need to write.
What does this mean for you? Nothing really, except the opportunity to read stuff and vote for my story cause you need something to make you feel like you accomplished something today.

New World

It was a long journey. Truly, it took much longer than Sergio Cortinez could have ever guessed. His ship, the Nuestra Senora, left Spain on May 4, 1497.

On May 4, 1997, the unscathed Nuestra Senora emerged from a squall just thirty miles away from Boston harbor…


new world

photo by K.S. Brooks

The maps, the charts, all wrong, Sergio scattered them to the floor. “What devilry is this?” he said. “I followed the charts meticulously.” A low flying plane rumbled overhead. The captain’s cabin shook in the aftershock.

Claudio Alvarez, the first mate, picked up the papers at his feet. “Maybe these charts are wrong,” he said. “I saw myself that the star charts do not match the constellations we should see in the sky.”

“Estephan!” The rage blossomed in Sergio’s eyes. “These were his maps. They were links to the new world he claimed.” He leaned out the window with a telescope in hand. “We touch land on the ‘morrow.”


Deep fog rose from the ocean and flowed over the land. Their shuttle boats remained hidden as men rowed advanced parties to shore. Sergio led a group of men and Claudio had a group of his own.

Few people walked the docks and roadway in the early morning hours. The ones unlucky enough to be out and about were met with sword and knife. Pistols were saved as a last resort. They claimed the small port with out a fuss.

They claimed the port but could not hold it. Helicopters dropped SWAT officers with training and modern weapons. Sergio’s men were outmatched and out maneuvered.

A news report later that day showed Sergio in his pirate garb, still screaming one word, “ESTAPHAN!”


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art from flikr creative commons via Robert S. Donovan

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