At the Mountains of Madness #reflection

At the Mountains of Madness

So, I thought and thought about what I should be doing for this last reflection for the month of October. There are a number of things I have read in the past month that would work but none of them really grabbed me for what I was thinking. And then it struck me, Lovecraft. How could I go through a month of horror without mentioning him. It also made sense that the work of H.P. Lovecraft is felt even now in the horror we have today. His influence is in everything we know and love of the things that go bump in the night.

There were a few videos I remembered from YouTube that I thought might make a nice bit of story to kick off the Halloween spirit as we brace ourselves for trick or treaters. Of course that would mean a bit less commentary. And then I ran across this video from creator Michelle Botticelli.

I stepped into it thinking it was a bit cheesy at first. But I kept it going, something about it was drawing me in. I tell you now, if like me you only have one language working for you, turn on subtitles. As much as I hate reading a movie, it really does enhance the experience for this one. The art style took a minute to get used to, but after that it all fit perfectly and reflected an interesting story telling consideration.

Mountains of madness

After I finished this one, I had to see what else Mr. Botticelli had done. What I found was something I hadn’t expected.

Yeah, there isn’t much of my thoughts in all of this today. But I think with the time in the videos you may get some decent entertainment none the less. These really are worth the time to explore. Personally, I love it when I find hidden treasures like this.


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