Maybe a Dream #thoughts

This is a quick one today. It’s just where I am right at this moment.

Maybe a Dream

I am tired. I know, that isn’t a strong way to start something. Hell, I don’t even know that I am starting something right now. I’m sitting here in my office, listening to the Cure, and trying to figure out where my mind is going right now. It sure isn’t going very far in my head at any rate.

I haven’t been on a first shift schedule, not really, in probably close to twenty years. At least I am thinking along those lines. I think for a good portion of that time, I have been working the evenings. That was definitely the case while working in kitchens. Add to that the factory work. I spent quite a bit of time working the evening shift.

Maybe a dream

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I was never very good on third shift. I worked that one for a while when I was doing factory work; plastic injection molding machines. Often, I worked on the larger presses. We’re talking about seventy-five-ton machines. I realize those numbers don’t mean much of anything to you other than to sound heavy. But yeah, those are some big machines. And there are even bigger ones than those. You get into one hundred ton and you are talking machines big enough to mold a human body.

But I digress…

Yeah, getting up at roughly four a.m. is the bane of my existence. I used to go to bed at that time. I do not know how to comprehend such things right now. And I have been seeing the sun rise. Like a vampire, that used to be the bane of my existence.

Anyway, this is just me taking a few minutes to delve into the tired mind and maybe see if I can string some words together. I think this might be about as far as I am going to get right at this moment. As this new schedule becomes a bit more routine, things will adjust to semi normal again. At least there is the dream of that right. Maybe when I sleep the dream will be there and give me happy thoughts.


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