The Matchmaker

Did I miss a memo? Today is Wednesday right? You know what that means, time to do some voting. Every week at Indies Unlimited there is a flash fiction contest. This is a chance to work out story muscles and lift the littlest amount possible.

That sounds odd right? Since when is it hard to lift a small amount? Join in the fun next week and find out. But in the meantime read my story for this week’s challenge and then head over to Indies Unlimited and do some voting.

The Matchmaker

The Matchmaker

photo by K. S. Brooks

They called old Pete Forrester’s hay barn “the matchmaker.” Legend was, if you spent the night in the barn, you’d meet your lady love the very next day.

I admit I scoffed at the notion, but country living can be lonely. I guess I figured I didn’t have nothing to lose and I wasn’t getting any younger.

One night, I sneaked over to old Pete’s place, nary believing anything would come of it…

Now old Pete’s hay barn, that is a sight to see. The outside could use a coat of paint or two. And inside, well, the inside has seen much better days.

I set up a bunk in some hay up on the overhang. Cozy and warm, I hoped the rats had a place of their own. I snuggled in my own little nest and pulled a blanket over for warmth. I musta dozed off.

A ruckus scared me outta my wits. Not sure I can even describe the ruckus proper, but it was something fierce. I peered over the edge of the overhang to see a sight on the floor below. There in the center of the barn, why, I saw a big pot and girls dancing around it. They was naked as they day they was born.

Now what that means, I can’t say for sure that I know. But they didn’t bother with me so I watched their dancing till I fell asleep again. I woke up early the next day and wiped the sleep from my eyes.

I felt a bit itchy, not hivey but itchy all the same. To my dismay I found myself naked under my blanket. My clothes were nowhere to be seen neither. But for all that, it wasn’t even the strangest part.

During the night I gained a companion. She stretched and yawned and wrapped her arms around me. But when she opened her eyes. That was the end for me.


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