Marvin the Magic Marmot

I didn’t forget. I have it right here. That’s right, I have the weekly Indies Unlimited Flash Fiction Challenge story right here for your amusement.

If you are new around here, get ready. There is audience participation for this one. I write the story, you like it. But that isn’t all of it. The next step (Yep I want you to do something) is for you to head over to their website and click a vote for my story. Madness!

Before I get to crazy I will just jump right into the story here.

Marvin the Magic Marmot

Marvin the Magic Marmot

photo by K. S. Brooks

Some kids have guardian angels and some have fairy godmothers. I had Marvin, the magic marmot.

He was a bit of a crank, and never granted a wish without grumbling a good deal about it. I wouldn’t have minded so much except that he also often got it horribly wrong.

It seemed I could never be quite specific enough about what I wanted. This one time….

This one time I was hungry. You ever been hungry? Nothing you find seems to satisfy the need, sure you get full but it isn’t right. You need something more.

You can’t talk about this with Marvin. Nope never talk of it. He doesn’t get it. Only took one time, just one, to learn my lesson. You know how hard it is to swim through a bedroom filled with chestnuts? That’s right, I said chestnuts.

Might not have been so bad, but I was in my room at the time. And they were warm. How a marmot thinks to roast chestnuts is beyond me. I have a few scars.

And he takes it so personally. I swear I didn’t yell at him. The situation though, hell ya I was miffed about the situation. All these chestnuts, I couldn’t breathe, let alone move. Who does this?

Of course, he laughed. I couldn’t believe it. Buries me, literally, and then laughs about it. When I hit him with the tennis racket, well that made it worse. Did you know that they can grant their own wishes under certain circumstances?

I didn’t either, at least not till then. I know it now, sure. But some lessons are ugly to learn, this being one of them.

I see him every now and then. He likes to check up on me, make sure I’m ok. No hard feelings really. But I’m still hungry, still haven’t found the right thing to satisfy. How’s your leaf?


So ya, here is that website again (Indies Unlimited). Let’s make this vote happen.

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