Martians!!! #reflection


So, if you remember, back in March I touched on a game I had been playing for a while as an app on my tablet. I had picked up the physical copy of Zombies!!! for my birthday. I’ve enjoyed that one for some time, long before I actually had the physical copy (and it’s even better to play at my monthly game nights).

Well, turns out Twilight Creations had taken that concept into another aspect of B horror movies. This time it is with the game Martians!!! My daughter and her boyfriend found a copy of it while they were visiting friends in Iowa. Who would have thought you could find Martians in Iowa of all places… Anyway, they picked it up from a yard sale while they were out antiquing with their friends. (And I’m not sure if I should be disturbed that my daughter was out antiquing. I mean, isn’t that something old people do?)Martians!!!

Let’s step back to the topic at hand, shall we…

I haven’t had a chance to play it yet, but from what I see within the rules and such, it plays pretty much the same as Zombies!!! But with a few different mechanics to match the theme. Basically, new oddities to up the challenge level of the game. I can dig it.

By the look of it, they added quite a bit from the standard tropes of B movie alien invasion. There is even an event card that works similar to alien abduction in the movies. Gotta love the bits and pieces that play tribute to the more humorous fear mongering of alien invasions. But I don’t think I noticed any cards that would give the aliens the common cold. I guess they don’t want to allow it to be too easy.


Anyway, this should be a good one. The group I bring together had some fun when we played Zombies!!! We ended up playing about three games of it the last time we played. I can see Martians!!! Following a similar path. And to think to buy this one retail it costs over 30 bucks. The kids found it for a dollar. This is the reason why I scour second hand stores and garage sales for stuff like this. Sometimes you find something that you just have to pick up because you will never see it that cheap again.



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