Making Choices #reflection

Making Choices

The thought must have been percolating in my head for some time now. Well, not the first bit of it. I think that thought has been going on for many years. But the second part came to the forefront recently (like maybe last night or this morning…)

I’ll begin with this. I am sure you have noticed the craptastic job most of the marketing for today’s movies have been doing. The trailers are horrendous, showing far too much of the movie and not really giving us much incentive to explore the final product. It’s like since they are only doing remakes now, they assume the only reason we are going to go is for the continuation of the story. Mind you, this is coming from someone who cut regular television out of his life a number of years ago, so most commercials never make my viewing. But I can’t be the only one to notice this.

I mean to say, we do pick up trailers on a regular basis through the trailers app on our phones and such. It isn’t like we are in complete darkness when it comes to the rest of the entertainment world. But we can be more selective of what it is we see. And that isn’t the direction I was going to go with this. I just hope you get the point (and if you are a cord cutter, know I am with you).

Anyway, we shall circle back to where I intended to go this morning. See, I caught a couple new videos (released yesterday) for the X-Wing game (Fantasy Flight Games). See, there is an anticipated 2nd edition coming out in September. And for the most part FFG has been secretive about what they are going to share with us concerning upcoming changes and such. While at the same time, they haven’t.

making choices

Because you see, this is the crazy thing. For the most part the game hasn’t really changed. We essentially know exactly what we are getting into, at least for anyone who has played the original game it hasn’t changed in any monumental way. Oh sure, there are the changes that will remove the power creep that had overtaken the 1st edition. And then the changes that will hopefully keep such things under control. And then some cosmetic changes that will enhance game play as well as enhance the superficial beauty of the pieces. But deep down, the game remains unchanged. The concept of dog fighting with space ships remains the core of the game.

So, what does this have to do with the original conversation? Yeah, I can hear you. FFG has taken this approach of controlled reveal. The players may know essentially what they are getting into, but it is only through a slow process that we see incremental changes to the mechanics and the way the ships will interact within the game. They are literally playing with our expectations to build excitement for the game again.

Add to that, they are working with players and select game shops to help build that excitement. They don’t need to spoil the game itself, the people who already play have a pretty good handle on that. But they tease us with new glimpses and information to keep us on the edge of our seats.

Do you remember when they used to do that with movies? There have been times over the past few or more years where I wonder what the heck happened. It makes me glad I don’t have those commercials inundating my life. But then, maybe I’m weird. I spent over an hour watching a couple people play a game to see how some new mechanics can affect game play.

And now I wonder, what exactly is it we do with our time in life?

Which brings me to a final thought for the day. I am currently listening to Marilyn Manson playing through random songs. I never would have thought I might enjoy the music. It’s better than I expected. Amazing when you discover new and interesting things like that.


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