This seems like a good time to bring out a horror from the real world again. This piece is something I wrote many years ago (possibly over 20 years ago). But it seems so fitting for a month of horrors.

I dare say that this is something that needs a slight trigger warning as well. The images you are about to see may bring up a touch of nausea. I apologize for that. But I am running with it anyway.


I opened the lid to the trashcan and there they were thousands of em. I thought they were rice at first, fat puffy rice but they moved. Brought bile up, I thought I might even puke. I closed the lid back on the trash, maggots and all. Felt nasty just thinkin about it.


flickr creative commons via Rubbermaid Products

I carried it out to the curb. Didn’t wanna have to open it again. I figured that the trash men would take care of it all. I checked on the trash after the trash men had come. They took it even with the maggots on it. They had thrown the lid on the ground though. I looked inside the can and there were still thousands inside. I felt the bile rise again. It took a lot to keep myself from puking.

I dumped the can in the yard and released ‘em into the grass. They sunk to the earth almost as if they were sinking through water, swimming in the grass. I then took the can and lid out to the back yard and lay them on the ground while I looked for the hose to hook up to the faucet. The smell was pungent, almost as bad as the sight of the maggots.

I sprayed water into the can for about 3 minutes. It looked as if there were a nest or something at the bottom of the can. I doused that thoroughly. Had to make sure there was nothing that might bring the evil nasty things back. It was just nasty.

We had rice for dinner last night. I couldn’t help but think of the maggots while I ate. It was almost too much. To look at the rice in the pan and on the plate the images kept assaulting me of the maggots on the top of the trash squirming and thrashing. Even with the trash inside of the can it was nasty, the smell was awful. I couldn’t believe that that was once food from our house.


I don’t know about you, but after those images I need a break. Why not check out Patrol in Red Eye. I swear there aren’t any disturbing images in the entire story. Might even help to cleanse your mind a little.

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