Little Book of Knowledge: Sharks #reflection

Little Book of Knowledge Sharks

I love it when I run across stuff like this and I wish they would do it more often. But I don’t know the demand for them as yet so maybe I am one of the few that gets into this kind of thing. And of course, I buried the lead again and so we have to unpack and see what the hell it is I am talking about.

So, I have mentioned in the past that I subscribe to ComiXology Unlimited. Essentially, it is like Kindle Unlimited but it works for digital comics instead of books. Sure you can read comics on KU but CU is actually a few bucks cheaper and I tend to fall behind in book reading compared to comics. But now we are just quibbling. Back to the point…Little book of knowledge: Sharks

Every month there are new comics added to CU, much like the weekly comic drop at comic book stores. And like an addict I sift through the monthly drop to see what it is I want to spend time with. One of the recent additions turned out to be this comic titled The Little Book of Knowledge: Sharks (IDW 2018). Yeah, that’s right. It’s a nonfiction comic book.

Now, I can hear you thinking it right now, it’s like a picture book for kids with tidbits of facts to let us learn about sharks right? If that were it, it wouldn’t be notable enough to keep my attention. No, this is set up basically like a guided tour of different bits of information about sharks. I mean this literally. The narrator appears as a comic book character and we spend our time sifting through various bits of knowledge in a story format. If you remember the cartoon from the first Jurassic Park movie where they give the guided tour of their cloning process for the dinosaurs, you will get the idea of what this plays out as.

From a practical stand point, I am gleaning all manner of new knowledge I have never gotten before. And its presented in a way to keep you reading even when you are looking at dry facts and figures. See, and that is why I feel like we are missing quite a few opportunities in a number of areas. Stuff like this is perfect for visual learners. It is something more than just numbers and letters on the page and the format allows for more retention of the information than you might get in an abstract context.

So yeah, it’s an interesting bit of reading that makes learning fun. Or something. Check it out sometime, you might be surprised with what you find.



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