Lightning Jack and the Purple Iguanas

Lightning Jack and the Purple Iguanas

Tonight isn’t going to be a post or a story like we might normally expect. Instead I am making a slight announcement. I am going to assume that we all don’t live in a bubble (ya right). Ok, maybe that is making too big of an assumption. We don’t all see and experience the same things and even when we do we remember them differently.

So really what I am going to do here is ramble and quibble till I get to an actual point.

Do you know of a man by the name Garrison Keelor or maybe what he is famous for, Lake Woebegone? Or how about a series called Welcome to Nightvale? Granted Nightvale is more current but I don’t think it is nearly as famous as Woebegone is. But I digress…

For those of us who are unfamiliar with either of these places and story lines, they each have a similar thread. Basically they are stories about fictitious places but told as if they are real. Essentially they are a form of radio theater (Nightvale is a podcast and quite well done). In each one they have a format that displays the happenings of the towns they represent for listeners to enjoy. Nightvale tends to rest on a bit more of a strange side than Lake Woebegone but essentially the idea runs very similar in scope.

So now you are asking, what’s the point? Why should I care? Well if you like either of those series then we share a bit in common. I love to listen to Nightvale and subscribe to the podcast. My father used to love listening to Lake Woebegone days all the time. There is a point coming, I swear.

So in an odd twist of strange conversations, I created a band. I know, it surprised me too. That in and of itself would be enough for you to sit back and say, “Ya, what of it.” But wait, there’s more…

The band is Lightning Jack and the Purple Iguanas. They are led by Whiffilicious Humongus on lead vocals and bass. Gary plays lead guitar, Old Tongue Jerome plays keyboards, Lilly Pants Galore is back up vocals, and then Sex Smitten Kitten plays the drums. They do have a following of Iguanitos and a couple really cool songs Scintillating Rainbow Orgy, and Somewhere Under the Stench of my Feet. For those who might be curious, they do a bit of rap-metal and grunge with a great stage show.

I know, I know, I am force feeding you all sorts of useless information right now. You want the important stuff and you want to know what it all means. Here it is. The band isn’t real in the sense that you can actually ever hear them play. But, and this is the big part, they do exist in their own home. Right now they have a Facebook page and a blog. Once a week their manager, Steve Snicklenore will give out tour information and talk about the latest happenings as they travel around the world on their biggest tour yet.

This won’t affect anything to do with the pages here. The same mess of stories you have found here week after week will continue. But at the same time if you want a little something more, maybe a walk into the gritty underbelly of a traveling metal band, you can always check out their pages as well. I will warn you though, their tour is a little whacked out. Strange things happen where ever they go.

In case you think I have forgotten, here are some links:
Due to a few issues with the site, the Lightning Jack project has been put on hold for now. Some work needs to be done to bring the project back up to speed.
Lightning Jack’s Facebook Page


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