LIfe’s Tragedies

Life’s Tragedies

I know I would normally have a food or beer post tonight but there has been too much going on in the world that I feel like I need to spend a few minutes talking about the craziness around us. First off, the attack on the Charlie Hebdo offices.

I would say I am speechless that such a tragic thing could happen, but that would be lying. I have quite a bit to say it is just a matter of making sure the point I want to make is made properly. Freedom of speech, not everyone is guaranteed this right. Some people pay for it with their lives.

Here is the most important thing I believe and want people to understand. I don’t always get into politics here, I don’t think it appropriate for what goes on in this space (that’s what Facebook is for). But I want it known that I believe strongly in your right to believe and speak what you feel you need. I don’t care if I agree with you or not. At least in the United States you can say anything from baffling bullshit to sage truth and it is within your rights to say it. I also state that I put my time in, I traded my freedom for a time for you to have that right.

When we see the lengths that a group will go to, to silence the voices of others it is a tragic event. I don’t care if you like the way they went about their message. It was a freedom few enjoy in this world. To be cut down, to die in such a tragic way for saying what you feel is wrong on so many levels.

I have a friend who years ago chose to work security for a KKK rally. It wasn’t because she wanted to support them. Their message goes against everything she believes in. She did it for one purpose and one purpose alone. She believes whole heartedly that they have the right to say what they want to say. Few people are willing to stand by such conviction anymore.

When we cut off the message of those we don’t support or believe in, we ourselves are diminished. Our words lose power.

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More tragedy (I feel like I should be singing Henry the 8th… second verse same as the first a little bit louder a little bit worse)

I live fairly close to I94 in Michigan. The section of the freeway near my house is one of the worst stretches for winter driving. Today we had tragedy again. Huge pile up of well over 100 cars. The red cross is called in for disaster relief. Again, how do you find the words for such a thing…

Within the wreckage we find a semi carrying hazardous materials, harsh acids. There is a call for evacuation within a 3 mile radius. Luckily my house was outside that radius (about 5 miles) but still that is one of those things that can make you leery.

For those of you who spend time here on a regular basis, you know that this isn’t too far fetched to be something fairly close to what I might throw into a story. Sometimes it can be pretty freaky when real life mirrors the fantasies you share with the world.

Mind you, as any one who lives with horrors does, I found some humor within the whole mess. Turns out one of the semis in the accident was hauling fireworks. Someone was kind enough to shoot a video of the display as the truck burned. Of course, that is another part of the tragedy. As the rescue workers cleared civilians from the wreckage, they could do little for the fires. Imagine having to watch helplessly as all this wreckage burned around you.

I think it would have looked awesome at night but it is still pretty powerful during the daytime. Fireworks Burning Link

These pictures come from various news sources around Michigan.



Because of the tragedy itself I won’t show too close to everything. No one needs to see that. But just from these you can get a sense of what was happening, practically a war zone. This isn’t something anyone expects to experience when they wake up in the morning.

As I sit here writing out this post, my daughter sent me this video. This one is a little intense so don’t watch it if you will be easily disturbed. (I didn’t see any blood or anything but it is a bit disturbing none the less). The pile up.

I have to step away here. Even for me, this is a bit beyond what I can comprehend right now.

Remember, it’s winter in the United States, be safe on the roads.

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