Letters from the Sanitarium

Letters from the Sanitarium

Halloween is just around the corner. A little over a month away or so (don’t make me do math). I suppose you are wondering what strangeness we could have in store to celebrate the coming festivities.

After some consideration a thought occured to me. Letters from the Sanitarium, four words no more no less. What can we do with four words like that.

From those four words I came upon an idea. Now, this might sound crazy (and coming from me it probably is), but what I propose is a marathon of sorts. But first some thoughts.

I am a pantser. This means that I rarely plan out anything when it comes to writing. I write by the seat of my pants. I know, I know, this really doesn’t tell you anything. I’m getting to it.

Basically what this means for the month of October is a marathon of sorts. Everyday in October I am going to run a feature called Letters from the Sanitarium. These may or may not be letters from a person locked away. I haven’t gotten that far yet.

What I do know for sure is that everyday there will be something posted for your enjoyment that is based on that specific theme. It could be flash fiction, it could be a longer story, but it will happen every day.

During this time expect to see the normal features that happen every week. This means the normal stories on Mondays, Wednesdays, and then beer or food or Friday. Gotta keep up appearances you know.

So, where does this leave us? Right now,high and dry, cause we still have a couple weeks before we hit this grand adventure. Maybe you should pop some corn and prepare for the oddity of me running around all crazy and such.

Time for a pint…

In the meantime, let’s play around with some disturbing family relations. Check out A Death in the Family and remember if you pick up the print version from Amazon the ebook comes along for the ride for free.

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