Klaus is Coming to Town #reflection

Klaus is Coming to Town

I honestly had no idea what I might want to talk about for Christmas weekend. I mean I am literally sitting here on Christmas Eve and I still had nothing. Operative word being had. That’s right. It was like the comic spirits had been thinking of me today.


Grant Morrison and Dan Mora

I was clearing out my email and noticed the Christmas ad for Comixology. I have no idea what possessed me to open it. I generally ignore such things and do all my looking at the website. But I digress…

See, there was a comic in there I hadn’t heard of before. I am amazed when I run across things in this world that still amaze me (no, I am not jaded. Thanks for asking.). So yeah, Klaus (Boom! Studios 2016 aka Santa Claus: Year One) is everything I could have hoped for.

The cover alone, bearded Norse warrior with a sword resting on his shoulder over a reindeer skull, is something to really give you pause. I am going in, expecting blood, guts, maybe a bit of medieval war. And sure, I wasn’t disappointed.

But there is something more, and I couldn’t believe that they pulled it off. If you grew up as I did, with the puppet Christmas stories every year on TV, you might remember one called Santa Claus is Coming to Town. It’s a story about the origin of Santa and how Christmas as we know it came to be.

Yeah, this comic is an updated telling of the same story. They took away all the cutesy puppet story bits and made something a bit darker. And even through all this I am sitting in my chair riveted to the story. And I tell you, in the words of my fangirl daughter, I got the feels. The story cut me deep into that small dark place deep inside me.

And with that I think I have done my Christmas deed for the day. Enjoy your holidays and if you get a chance check this stuff out.


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