Keeping a Desk Organized #reflection

Keeping a Desk Organized

My office is a mess. But it isn’t a normal kind of mess with stuff spilled all over and things randomly tossed about. No, this is a mess of organization. There is a place for everything, but nothing feels like it is in the right place.

It wasn’t that long ago when I found a new desk. See, I don’t really care for the stuff you can get at Ikea or anything like that. Sure all that stuff can be good and look decent, but it isn’t meant to stick around for a decent amount of time (Yeah, I get it, you’ve had this or that thing forever and it works well for you. But that doesn’t change the difference in craftsmanship from stuff that was built to last and the stuff we can get now). But I digress…

Yeah, I think I lost it a second there… Where was I? Desks…

So, I have this new desk. Of all places I found it at a second hand store. It’s a monster and the beast is heavy. This thing was built at a time when they were still building desks to last. Sure it was made in some factory somewhere but the number of pieces that are in place to connect this whole thing is astronomical by today’s standards. And it’s big. The desk actually fits into a good quarter of the space in my office. And I imagine you are wondering what all of this has to do with the idea that my office is a mess.

See the thing of it is, when I moved this desk into the office it changed the dynamic of the space. I now had a ton more space to store and organize. Its size meant that I had to rearrange the book shelves from where they were in order to fit everything in more logically and organically.

Well, in the process of rearranging shelves, I never actually put books back in place where they should have been. I look at the shelves and I see that nothing actually makes sense for where it all ended up. I have this opportunity now to place books I use often within easy reach. But I still haven’t done it.

Now this is where I am connecting some dots and bringing the world back into focus. I spend quite a bit of time in this office. It is a bit of my own personal hiding place with access to games and entertainment as well as space to write and read with a door that closes. And I have been feeling a bit out of sorts lately; a bit tired, rundown, and maybe even a little disorganized.

I noticed it when I leaned back in my chair earlier. The shelf closest to my chair is scattered. The books make no sense to have within easy reach and they aren’t even books that I intend to read anytime soon. And I wonder why I feel tired and such.

We are products of our environment. Sometimes the chaos works great for us and then there are times when that same chaos feasts on our energy and drags us down into places we don’t want to wallow within. And really the only thing that runs through my mind right now: I need a nap. The world around me would be so much more pleasant if I could just get a few more hours sleep…


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