Jaws of Justice

It is Wednesday and time to get some votes in. Or at least that is what I like to do on Wednesdays. Anyway, if you weren’t already aware, Indies Unlimited has a weekly flash fiction challenge. Every week they provide a picture and a prompt and you get to write a 250 word story based on these.

The winning story each week is placed in their yearly flash fiction anthology. But aside from just that, this is a chance for the writer to get a story out in the world where it can be seen. Pretty great deal really. Anyway, enough of my babbling. Let’s read my story for the week (then remember to head over to Indies Unlimited to get your vote in for me.)

Jaws of Justice

Jaws of Justice

photo by K. S. Brooks

They said he was a wolf, and I guess it might have been true. We walked past the junkyard every day after school and he was always there at the fence watching.

He never barked or whimpered or growled. He was silent as death, just watching intently with eyes the color of molten gold. If you got too close, he would bare his teeth, and that was something dreadful to behold.

You could tell that fence was not enough to hold him back if he wanted to come after you. I am sad to say I was right, though he saved my life…

The wolf’s eyes did not follow us as we passed him. Instead they looked past us, across the street. We thought nothing of it until we heard the growl. My skin prickled at the sound. He did not bark but his growl deepend and grew louder. Terry grabbed my arm and nodded toward the other side of the street.

I froze at the sight, and my stomach flipped. They shambled and dragged toward us, a dream, maybe a nightmare. The wolf knew, he could smell the dead things as they encouraged on us.

I backed closer to the fence when I saw that they approached from the front as well. The dead things surrounded us and cut off our escape. If not for the wolf we would have walked right into them. But the wolf was forgotten as we watched our approaching doom. His growls lost in the moans of the dead.

Terry cried out when they were close enough to smell, grave dirt mixed with rot and decay. It took everything I had to keep from losing my lunch. They were close, so very close. We never saw the flash of brown fur as it flew over the top of the fence and crashed onto the closest shambling thing.

The wolf was a thing of teeth and fur as it ripped through the creatures. Their advance stopped as they turned to crush this beast in their wake. It was enough, he gave us our opening. We ran to freedom.

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