Interesting Times #reflection

Interesting Times

I don’t have a post for today. At least not in the story sense. Instead I am going to share a few thoughts right now as I sit at the computer.

There is an old Chinese curse (or maybe just something from the Discworld), that goes along the lines of “May you live in interesting times.” Right now, we are in some. But I am not going to talk about the first things that pop into your minds. Instead I have some personal stuff I am going to beat around the bush of and not give any real ideas but still share some thoughts.

Out of all the times I have been in the hospital this year, at least one of the trips to the emergency room had been for me. Yeah, I know, I don’t really talk about that stuff here. But I wanted to give a little heads up when I talk about surgery or hopefully not in the future.

See, for the last few months or more since I went into the emergency room I have had concerns of something possibly going off in my body that isn’t a good place to be. It of course, is the worst case scenario but you never really know until you can get it checked out and such.

The thing is, I am now in the stages of checks and determinations. I have gone through blood work and all that (so far that outlook is really good). But the thing of it is, none of this is going to fix the problem I have right now. And as the conversation with the doctor went yesterday, what we might think of as one of the worst cases would have been the easier fix for what is going on right now. That would be as simple as popping a pill and letting modern medicine do its magic.

Nothing is ever that easy is it?

So as it is right now, I have some x-rays booked for later this week to hopefully get to the heart of the issue. When those are done and analyzed, we will have a better idea of how to approach my problems and possibly even remedy the situation. Mind you, right now it is a good chance of some kind of surgery.

But here’s the thing, what is going on isn’t a common ailment. Sure, right now it isn’t necessarily life threatening, but it isn’t something seen too often. Even the x-rays I have scheduled later this week are ones that don’t happen very often. I get to be a learning experience all around.

And to think I had hoped that getting this out of my head would alleviate some of the concerns but I don’t know. I get to laugh at my own weirdness a bit but that just adds to the horror thoughts that dig in deeper.

You never really know the directions life is going to take you. And sometimes those directions are definitely in interesting times….


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