Infinity Games Race Series #gaslands

Infinity Games Race Series

So, I missed getting a post out last week. I had been thinking of what I could write and go with, but I got caught up in getting ready for a Gaslands game at the shop I play at.

We haven’t been able to play in months due to pandemic and store restrictions. And even now, the people in the shop to play were all wearing face coverings anyway. But just being able to play again was a blessing on its own.

Infinity Games Race series

This was the first game I was able to get the battle bus on the table for. I had my normal cars for the team already to go. It had been the bus that was the bigger issue. And yet, I had mishaps along the way too.

At one point over the past week, I had the cars on my desk for one reason or another. And through happenstance I knocked the muscle car to the floor. This resulted in the flag breaking free of the roof (not the first time this has happened), and the body breaking apart (first time for this).

Infinity Games Race Series 3

In the process of repairing this damage I remembered I had printed some off road wheels to have them on hand for modding other cars. Yeah, it was time to rip the bare tires from the car and go with something a bit more appropriate for the game. And you know, I grabbed those tires and primed them and they went straight onto the basher without a second thought. It was about time.

Infinity Games Race Series 4

Anyway, the game went well. I realized fairly quick into the game I was actually playing two separate versions of the game. The first was the collection aspect of the game (we were playing the zombie bash scenario). The second was the race to kill off opponent cars so they would drop the zombies they had collected. It was the simple strategy of making harder for them to catch up to where I was collecting the zombies.

Infinity Games Race Series 5

Yeah, the battle bus performed about how I wanted it to. And though it was slow, that worked to its advantage as the other players were setting themselves in a position to avoid the wrath of the bus. But when it caught them, it was a crushing situation.

It ended up as a great game. And I don’t say that just because I won. The competition overall was worth the effort. And we brought a couple new people into the fold. It was a big win for car combat gaming.


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