In Hungry Pursuit

Happy Wednesday! Are you excited? I know I am. Today is vote day over at Indies Unlimited. This is the day we vote for our favorite flash fiction story of the week.

Did you write a story, I did. But I suspect you expected that right. It’s probably why you’re here today anyway. You wanna see what shenanigans (it’s a word) I came up with for the prompt this week.

The expected response, I took something relatively comfortable and made it disturbingly uncomfortable, or did I?

In Hungry Pursuit

in Hungry pursuit

photo by K.S. Brooks

Rowdy and I are part of a wilderness search and rescue team. We’ve worked plane crashes and avalanche victim recovery. Sometimes all you find are bodies. Sometimes you find a toddler who wandered off from a campsite.

But it’s not all high drama. Every once in a while, you get a good laugh. I remember one case we worked where a pair of teenagers had run away from a remotely situated fat camp…

Yep, you heard it right, a fat camp. I had a feeling this wasn’t the first time they had escapees. But the word we got was, they had been missing for more than a day.

Ordinarily this could be an issue. Rowdy’s good and all but quite a bit can happen to a trail over time. We caught them before wash day. Oh my, those kids clothes were something else. Rowdy took to em right away though. Didn’t take him long to pick up their scent either.

The kids didn’t have much to worry about in the woods, well except for maybe the occasional bear. They were more in danger of just being lost. I couldn’t believe the path they took through the woods. For fat kids they sure took some of the most convoluted paths.

We caught up with them about an hour outside of camp, just off the main road. Turns out an enterprising camper had established a culinary oasis with a dedicated clientele.

He built a mini retreat into a cave, a fancy French bistro out in the middle of the woods. Kids from the camp had been going there for years. Crazy prices but these kids were desperate.

Turned out the current menu didn’t agree with the pair of hooligans. The black truffle soufle had been far too rich after the camp food. They spent the night in the back of the cave to sleep it off.


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