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Ok, I get it, not everyone is hip to the jive of the new millennium. There are still people out there that refuse to read books in a digital format. It isn’t that they are crazy or anything, they just know what they like. Well, you win. For those who haven’t switched over to the numerous variations of an e-reader, you now have a fantastic opportunity.

Hate Candy and A Death in the Family are now available as paperback books. Who in their right mind would have thought of such a thing (couldn’t have been me). But I digress…

Maybe you want to try out some books on an e-reader still. Or maybe you have a kindle and you haven’t put it to work yet. We got you covered. When you pick up the paper copy of either book, the kindle version will come along for the ride.

Yep, you heard it right. The kindle version of Hate Candy and A Death in the Family is available for free when you purchase the paperback versions of the book.

Imagine the possibilities. You can purchase the books for yourself and because you love them so much you can share the paperback and still have a copy for yourself to read again.

I am sure you are probably tired of me jabbering right now, so go, go now, pick up some new reading material. You’ll be glad you did.

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