Hand Made Pasta #slowfoods

Fresh hand made pasta has become a staple around our house. This is something that we have come to enjoy on a fairly regular basis. Though the process takes a little time, it is something that is easy to make.

It is possible to save some time and trouble with a Kitchen Aid mixer. With one of these you could let the machine do all the heavy lifting. There is even a pasta roller attachment so you wouldn’t have to hand crank the sheets.

Personally, I prefer to go fairly old school. I make the dough by hand and then I have a hand cranked roller for making the pasta sheets. The roller I used was a bit pricey (roughly $50) but a fantastic investment considering I have used it to make pasta for a few of the kitchens I have worked in as well as for the pasta I make at home.

When you make your own pasta, the possibilities available for what you can do with it grow. Aside from the countless number of shapes you can play with, you can also play with your ingredients as well. Aside from a simple white flour pasta, you also have the option of adding in ingredients that can flavor and change the color of your finished product. Spinach, sun dried tomato, and even squid ink pastas are great flavors you can play around with. But these are just the beginning. If you want to get really crazy you can mix and match a little to make checkerboard pastas (but that is something for a different post).


1lb all purpose flour
4.5 eggs
1 teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon milk

This really is incredibly inexpensive and easy to do. Fresh pasta is a world of difference from store bought dry pasta. When you get a bit fancy you can do add different flavors to the pasta for quite a number of different combos.

I have wanted to make this for quite some time, and not too long ago I ran across a recipe in a pasta and sauce book. It is possible to make a vegan pasta. The noodles aren’t quite as rich as the egg noodles but they are still flavorful and good.

Vegan Noodle Recipe

1lb all purpose flour
1/2 cup water (add as needed)
1 teaspoon salt

After the substitution the method is the same for making the vegan noodles. The dough will be a bit more stretchy as the water will allow more gluten to develop, but the finished product in a lasagna or ravioli will be just as delicious as the egg version.

Time for a pint…

Have you ever made noodles? What kind of sauces do you enjoy with noodles?

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