Guiding Light

My how time flies. Here it is another Wednesday, you know what that means right? Time for the flash fiction vote over at Indies Unlimited. The title for this weeks story doesn’t bring the subject to mind for me. Actually when I hear the words Guiding Light, I am reminded of the soap operas my mother used to watch when I was much younger (like last week right?). Anyway, you know the drill. Read my story then head over to the Indies Unlimited website and give me some votes. That’s how it’s supposed to work right?

Guiding Light

guiding light

photo by K. S. Brooks

Mr. Grogan had been the keeper at the lighthouse for thirty years before they cut off the funding.

They said we didn’t need the lighthouses anymore – said what with the GPS and the satellites and computers, lighthouses were a waste of money.

Old Grogan stayed. Kept his watch as always. It was a good thing, too. When the hurricane hit, all that fancy equipment failed. Only the beacon in the lighthouse worked. Funny thing is, it shouldn’t have worked at all…

The county cut the power to the lighthouse a month prior to the storm. But the thing is it worked anyway. I know what you’re thinking, right. It must have been a ghost or something. Truth be told they cut the power after old Mr. Grogan died.

The man took pride in his work, even with the onslaught of electronics, even when they no longer needed him. He prepared the lighthouse for just in case. The man was a perfectionist if nothing else. Without the generators all might have been lost.

Of course you might think the story would end there. But this, this is where it gets a bit strange. No one knew about the generators. We counted the lighthouse as lost when news hit of the approaching storm.

It was Jim Trellik, he was the one that saved the day. Here is the crazy thing though, Jim is our town drunk. It was just the ravings of alcohol induced delirium. He swears Mr. Grogan came and saw him days before the storm hit.

Jim was a maniac. He rushed through town and bought supplies and generator fuel. No one saw him when the storm hit but we saw the light.

He must have stayed up for a week straight. After the storm, they found him dead, drained of anything that might make him whole. But the light stayed on, it stays on still.


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