The Great Dessert Riot

This will throw you for a loop. It’s Wednesday. I know right, comes along every week at this time. You know what it means right? Time for the vote over at Indies Unlimited.

But here’s the thing. My story is too long. I started writing and just didn’t want to stop. The rules call for 250 words max, I ended up at roughly 400, it happens. It isn’t the first time I have done it, probably won’t be the last time.

But as always the story is roaming around and waiting for you to read it. This was a strange one. Gave me a couple giggles on the way to the end (but then I have a strange sense of humor).

The Great Dessert Riot

The Great Dessert Riot

Photo by K.S. Brooks

Cakes are the most festive desserts. If there is a party or ceremony, there must be cake. Retirement? Cake. Wedding? Cake. Birthday? Cake.

There is no doubt people love cake. Frankly, the pies are sick of it. Cherry pie has been talking to the other desserts, and they have decided to take action…

This was drastic action. CP, Cherry Pie to others, we’re that close, had a plan to break into the cake cooler. See that, the cakes even have their own cooler, ya, they’re special.

Well, the displays in the cake cooler are better than the everyday coolers. We’re lucky to even get a stand over here. So ya, CP’s plan was simple. We break into the cake cooler and kick em out. Simple right?

Well, I’m not sure what you were thinking would happen but simple plans never really are. The cakes, they were ready for us. You ever see the damage a cream filled cupcake can do? Ya, it got real up in the cake cooler. Cream filling everywhere. And that was just the beginning.

We fought back with some éclair bombs. You thought the cupcakes were bad, imagine pâte à choux filled with delicious crème caramel buttercream. They didn’t stand a chance, sticky, buttery, goo everywhere. We were slipping in sliding and these were only the first couple volleys.

I bet you didn’t know this, but petit-fours. Well, those babies are just a fancy way to serve cake at parties, sacrificial pawns… Chocolate covered strawberries and cinnamon twists were lost to the zerging carnage.

In the end only a couple of us remained. Me a chocolate mousse, an apple strudel and CP. All we had to break through was a wall of three tier birthday cake. Thing was a monster, happy birthday Jimmy. The alien motif that covered the thing was a horrendous. Space suited action figures with their little plastic guns pointed at ugly aliens (Jimmy is pretty sick let me tell you).

I don’t know how you would feel when you walked into the bakery in the morning and saw the mess of the night’s battles, but for me it wasn’t too big a deal really. I made it into the case. Me and a sexy wedding cake are hanging out just fine. We ditched the groom at the top, just me and the bride now.

Oh sorry, you want to know what happened to CP and the strudel, right? Ya, they didn’t make it. Was pretty spectacular though. The globby mess that came together when they hit that birthday cake. Well, makes you wonder what you put into your mouth when you see something like that, but this all left me a clear spot to move into the cake cooler.

It was a good night.


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