A Gift for Dad

I could get into a big hulla balloo about what day of the week this is, but you know it already. Yep, it’s Wednesday, time for another flash fiction vote over at Indies Unlimited.

Funny how my mind works. The story I had for Mother’s Day wasn’t something I put up for a vote. Maybe I don’t want to commercialize my love for my mother or something. But sure Father’s Day, ya let’s vote that sucker right on up…. or something…

Anyway, I do have a story. I must be on a sentimental kick lately. (hint: no one dies in this…)

A Gift for Dad

A Gift for Dad

Photo by K.S. Brooks

Skyler clutched the little jelly jar full of coins to his chest as he stared at the rack of neckties. This would be the first time he’d bought his dad a gift for Father’s Day – and he would do it with his own money that he got from under the couch cushions. There was always some money there after dad napped.

“Look mom,” Skyler said, almost awestruck at the beauty and genius of a necktie you didn’t even have to tie. “Do you think dad would like that one? He doesn’t have a pink one…”

They bought the tie. Skylar had just enough, didn’t have to borrow anything from his mom to make it either. He could barely contain himself on the car ride home. “We can’t tell daddy,” he said. “Promise you won’t tell.”

“I won’t,” Mom said. She smiled at his joy. She didn’t have the heart to tell him his father would never wear a pink tie, even though it was the genius tie he wouldn’t have to tie.

They pulled into the driveway and parked next to Dad’s car. “Your father’s home early,” Mom said. “Go straight to your room with your present. Don’t let him see it.”

Plastic bags crinkled and swished as Skylar collected his bounty and stuffed it into his shirt. “He won’t see it now.” He ran into the house.

Mom collected a few of their shopping bags and went into the house. She ran into Dad on the way into the kitchen. “You’re home early,” She said.

“Working weekend,” he said. “I have to prepare a presentation for Monday and it isn’t going as well as I want.” He scooped up Skylar when he ran back into the kitchen. “And what did you get me for father’s day?”

“It’s a secret,” Skylar said.

The expression on Dad’s face on father’s day morning, it said everything. He hated it. But he wore it the very next day. Skylar’s dad made a point to wear it once a month, that ugly, pink, clip on tie.


You know the deal, head on over to Indies Unlimited and give me some vote love (just don’t get any on you. I hear it spreads disease).

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