Gaslands Refuelled #reflection

Gaslands Refuelled

Yep, hitting another gaming post this week. This time we are going back into the Gaslands, mainly because two big things have happened recently. The first was the end of our first season of monthly races that I had been a part of at Infinity Games in Coldwater, MI. The second is the updated rules book for the game with the release of Gaslands: Refueled.

So in the death race series, I took first overall. Of course, I had that in a lock after I had secured the win in the race before this last one. It just meant in this last race the other racers would be going out of their way to bring me down. This is the life of an Idris driver. The death race is your thing and everyone else is pushing for second place. Or something. Gaslands Refuelled

But aside from all of that, the race was huge. We had so many points going into the race to build our teams that the groups involved were bordering on ridiculous. One of the guys racing that day had enough points to not only bring in a tank, but also an attack helicopter. The weaponry involved was over the top. I had 3 cars (1 performance car and two muscle cars) and two motorcycles.

As had been my play style, I used the muscle cars to wipe out everything they could around the starting gate and pushed the performance car around the track. The latter being the boring part of the race, eventually it reaches a point where I am simply driving around the track because everything else is distantly behind me. All the real action happened in the battle zone around the starting gate.

In the end it was a great race and I had used just about every trick and maneuver I possibly could to ensure my victory. Some things were so perfectly timed that they played key parts in the win. I managed to use perks I hadn’t really used up until this race. And they made things move smooth all the way through.

Which brings us to the release of the new book. The basic game remains the same. This new book isn’t one to change up the rules other than to make them a bit easier to understand and what not. But there were a couple shake ups within the sponsors and perks. Mainly stuff to give each specific sponsor a feeling that it is its own thing.

The move does affect my Idris team at least a little bit going into future races. A key perk was removed from Idris’ hands and moved into a new category. The move actually makes perfect sense, while at the same time, hand brake artist was a perk that I finally made good use of in the last race.

It wasn’t until just recently when I was setting up a new team (at 50 cans because I don’t know for sure how many we have for the next race) that I found my new replacement for the Handbrake Artist Perk. The perk Trick Driving has fallen into the Precision group. This one allows the driver a bit more leeway in how they maneuver. Especially useful when in max gear when your options are limited. I have a feeling I will be using this one more than I ever did the other.

So yeah, the book is essentially the same as it had been but there are changes for the better. Some of them unexpected and could possibly make for better rounded games. The competition is still there, and in some places, there are new tricks to shake things up. I’m especially looking forward to the new jump rules. I may have some cars flying through the air soon.

Anyway, it’s the nature of the beast. As soon as you get everything working well, something comes along to change up how you approach things. You would think I would be used to it by now. But really, that’s more the fun part of life. It keeps you guessing.


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