Future Shock #flashfiction

Time for the weekly Indies Unlimited flash fiction challenge. Write up a 250 word story that follows a written and picture prompt that they provide every week. Sounds easy, and so so hard all at the same time. The best stories of the week that worked with the prompts provided are sent ahead for votes on Wednesdays.

Future Shock

Well, I’ll be. They actually did it. The pretty nurse told me it’s the year 3015 and they’ve woken me up because there’s a cure for cancer. “Woken me up” is a nice way of saying they thawed me out.

Now that I’ve got my health back, I’m looking forward to catching up on the past 100 years and seeing what the future is like. And the babes. I bet my ex-wife is convulsing in her grave over this.

But…what? We can’t go outside? Lakes and parks and all that are inside now? The air’s no good out there? And…there’s no such thing as hamburgers? And my ex-wife is what?

Future Shock

Photo by K.S. Brooks

At first I thought I would be in the medbay forever. They had to run some “tests;” code word for pee in a cup and drawing more blood than a horde of mosquitos. After all that they sent me on my way with little more than a cryptic map of the tunnels to find my new apartment.

I planned ahead of course, put all my money in a trust that would allow it to grow while I was in cold storage. But that was the problem right…

My ex got the courts to work in her favor. Since I wasn’t really dead, she had all my money syphon into her accounts over the years as alimony payments. All of my money. Even the interest bearing bonds I had set aside to grow while I waited in stasis.

I spent an afternoon in my lawyer’s office. Yep, the same one I went to back in 2015. I guess they figured out the whole aging thing while I was in stasis. Bastage didn’t look a day over twenty-five. The shark tells me she has rights of perpetuity or something like it. Legal mumbo jumbo what ever it was. He kicked me out of the office.

Wouldn’t you know, as I dusted myself off in the lobby, she walked in. Gina hadn’t aged a day. She was a knock out. She walked up to me and offered me hanky.

“Thanks for not dyin’ babe,” she said then she walked past me laughing.


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