From the Ashes

From the Ashes

I have been sitting here, staring at my screen, trying to remember this great idea of what I wanted to talk about this week. Originally, it wasn’t going to be directly related to any specific story, I remember that for sure. And here’s the thing, I had actually made notes about it. But now I can’t find anything related to the thoughts and I have no idea what those thoughts entailed.

So then the question that comes to this is, What the hell does this matter to you or to me or to anything in general?

Actually, not a whole heck of a lot. See, people ask where writers get their ideas. Some of them say that they just don’t think they could come up with enough ideas to make a meaningful contribution to much of anything. But it isn’t really the ideas that mean anything.

I mean seriously, if I just went with the oddity of my dreams, I could have enough to talk about to fill quite a bit of our conversations. I have some doozies. Granted a good number of them revolve around preparing for the zombie apocalypse (this could be a sign of a larger problem but we won’t go there).

Maybe you do it too. It’s a bit like walking into the next room and whoosh, all the thoughts you knew and held dear just a moment ago have completely vanished from your mind. The odds of finding that thing you were looking for have taken a terrible turn because you will never remember what exactly it was you were going to the other room for in the first place.

So then our next question becomes, well, why didn’t you write something else today then?

And I’m going to be honest with you here.

After I spent a moment writing out that first bit of the conversation, I found that I just wasn’t able to quit. So instead of looking for something else to talk about (and there is a huge number of things I could take some time to share) I ended up just blathering on for a bit because apparently that is something I do when given the chance. Hell, it isn’t even like I am trying to figure out what it was that I lost.

Nope, not even a little bit.

So instead I am sitting here, not figuring out what my thoughts were and instead now, just blathering like a moron because the thought of leaving a ton of white space didn’t seem like a wise idea.

Where does that leave us?

Well, here is the thing. And yes this is the spot where I tie everything together, at least a little bit. I could have spent a ton of time agonizing over the losing what could have been the perfect bit of thoughts and such. But you know, it would have been a pointless endeavor. Cause the reality of it all is, ideas come and go all the time. Far too often we completely miss an opportunity because our brain was somewhere else when it came along.

But that never means that it is the only idea you will ever have.

And to other thoughts…

Heading up to the UP this weekend. I have no idea where or if we will even have internet access. I mean it is the UP. No telling what might happen in the deep woods of very northern Michigan.


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