Flash Strikes Back

Flash Strikes Back

Time for a little Promo.

Can you imagine, we have been doing the Indies Unlimited flash fiction challenge for a little over two years now. You know what that means right? Time for another collection of the past year’s stories.

I know what you’re thinking, you could just reminisce with friends over a couple beers. But I realized something when I compiled this year’s collection. There are stories in here I have completely forgotten about. How could I ever say such a thing. These stories are amazing!

Yes, it’s true. So much has happened over the past year that there are stories in here that I am happy to find again. And that’s the thing, we could try and rack our brains to see if we can remember them all. And then there is the searching and seeking for all the stories.

But I did all the hard work for you. I am a giver like that. In this collection you will find the thrills and chills and even a bit of sweet monkey love… (that might be stretching the truth a little. No monkeys were loved at any time during the collection of these stories).

But enough of these shenanigans. Flash Strikes Back is available at a number of retail sites and waiting to find its way into the warm embrace of your very own reading device.

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