More Fiction Available

Here we go with a couple quick announcements.

The first one is part of the fun changes that I have planned for this year. Aside from the fiction novellas and anthologies I offer (watch for more of those) I will also be releasing short stories on Kindle and sometimes even Smashwords.

Theses shorts will generally fall within 1000 to 2000 words, sometimes you might see an old favorite but there will also be quite a few new stories. Each short will be just like a mini book with its own cover and everything.

The first short is available now. My story Retrograde can be picked up at Amazon for 99 cents. Blurb: In the future, everything is recycled.

Recently the first workshop anthology from Foil and Phazer became available for free at Smashwords. Divide and Conquer was a combined effort of stories intended to meet the NaNoWriMo 50k word goal. In the end the book came out around 38,000 words and includes some great stories and even a piece from me (The Heaven Gate)…

Looks like some great reading ahead of us…

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