Father’s Day #lazysunday

Yes, I know, I’m a couple days early, but that’s basically how we are going to work it this week. After some real life events this week, I am a beat. I could do the fun thing of using repurposing an old food vlog but instead I am going to spend a few minutes and share some of the Father’s day stuff I have going on. And of course the other reason this is going to be early because part of the stuff is linked to what I plan to do on Father’s day.

First, this Saturday is the city celebration for the birth of the city I live in. And just as you might expect in small town America we have a big party with parades and fireworks and all sorts of festivities downtown. As part of this, our library has a huge sale of old books.

Many of the books are donations as well as clearing out space of multi copy books that aren’t going out as often as they once were. As you might guess, this is a great opportunity to pick up some older books that have been out of print for a while at great prices. Sure it helps give extra program money to the library but that is just bonus for the personal benefits to the book hunter. It also helps that I manage to swing out some early views of the books to see what might interest me (yes, I am special).

As it turned out this year, I scored a couple great pieces. Sure I found a book that is part of a set we have been working on for a while. But that isn’t nearly as great as the other books I found this time around. First was Skin an anthology of some Roald Dhal short stories. These should be great to dig through. But the second book was the happy find for me today. It had been in a section I hadn’t thought to look through.

Father's Day 2As luck would have it, I glanced at the section a little bit before we left. The first edition Star Wars the Role Playing Game rule book jumped out at me. I couldn’t believe it, it even still had the original price sticker on it. Brand new in 1987, this game book sold for $17, prices on Amazon are ridiculous. Of course, it isn’t something I would consider selling but the excitement of finding it was a great thing.

When I was in the Marines, we played a lot of Dungeons and Dragons, and then there was SWTRPG. Yep, I am that kind of geek. This went into our play schedule quite a bit as well. I played an alien jedi at the time (a 7 foot tall bear-man with a huge battle axe instead of a lightsaber). Oh the nostalgia kicks in.

And then, the family got me my Father’s day presents. Wouldn’t you know, I haven’t been fishing since I was 13. Which is odd since I grew up fishing every summer. We always had fresh fish from the many lakes around us. I won a fishing pole during the winter at an event with my father. And we have been talking about going out and playing around on the water ever since. So, now it was decided that I need to get to work again. I must get back into fishing (can you see my wife and kids twisting my arms? You can see this right?).Father's Day 1

So now, I have my license and we picked up the basic tackle I need to make the pole usable. Pretty good deal I think, cause you know what? Come Father’s day, I am going to head out to a couple on shore spots and cast a line a few times. I may catch some fish or maybe I won’t but the world is going to run around crazy around me on that day and I won’t have to deal with it. Already set the day up to. Talked to my dad and he is going to get his license and my son in law got his tonight (we got the same thing for Father’s day). Not a one of us has gone fishing in years but we are doing it anyway. Should be an interesting experience at any rate.

Well, what I thought would be just a quick write up has actually gone on for at least a couple minutes. Spend some time with your dads and such this weekend. They may even like it. Or let ’em burn some stuff on the grill. Grilled food is always good food.

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