Fates Adrift in Wonderland

Tonight is an odd night for stories, sorta, kinda…

Really, I am dealing with a grandchild that doesn’t want to sleep. I seem to have the magic touch to keep her calm (this is the new baby and she be gassy). So I am a little derailed tonight.

So instead of a story we will go into a different type of terror. Next month is NaNoWriMo or National Novel Writing Month. I did it last year but in a slightly different way. Over the month of November last year I wrote a couple Novellas and some short stories. Not all of the work has gone out into the world just yet but a couple of the stories are out in the wild (The Heaven Gate and Edge of the Knife).

This year I am going to attempt something a bit different. I am going to work my way through a novel. Yep, I am going to take the big plunge. At this time the title is Fates Adrift in Wonderland. All I know right now is the title and that it will be a Nick the Superhero story. Crazy I know, how will I ever cram all of his world into a big story.

Where does terror and fear come in. This will be the largest project I have ever undertaken. Until this moment I have been a short story writer. Will I have enough in me to write something this grand in scope? It should be an interesting adventure and all that.

You can add to that all the other stuff going on around me. I am actually busier this time around than I was last year. So it will be interesting to see how everything comes together. I don’t say that as a future proof excuse. You know, how some people use the cop out that they were just too busy and it hurt them more than they thought it would. I actually looking at the old saying “what’s the best way to ensure something gets done? Give the project to a busy person.”

It seems that busy people find ways to work their projects into their lives. Where as the slackers find new ways to slack off (I am not judging, I am proudly a slacker most of the time). I don’t plan to post daily updates like I did the last time. But I will continue with the normal story schedule that we have come to expect and enjoy. Hell, after this month with stories on a daily basis it might be a nice break to catch our breath without so much going on. But nah, stuff like that will never happen. Always better to kick them when their down.

Now as if this wasn’t enough for you to digest, I want to take a minute to send you away (ya figure that one out). It seems I have recently been interviewed by The Gal in the Blue Mask. Check it out, I am witty and charming (as if there could be any doubt of it).

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