Far From Home #Reflection

Far From Home

Let me see where I want to begin this. My thoughts are on the easiest aspect for me but at the same time the weirdest thing to quibble about. I have been a fan of Marisa Tomei since the movie “My Cousin Vinny.” Yeah, let‘s start with this. And we can see where it takes us.

So I wasn’t too concerned with the new version of the cinematic Spider-Man experience. Making him into a high schooler and what not isn’t unheard of for the series. There have been cartoons and such where it fit decently. But then they made Aunt May a younger woman… Yeah, that threw me off. And you wouldn’t have thought it would because of my love for Marisa. But she isn’t the right age to be May. It just doesn’t fit at all. Far From Home

Sorry, yeah, I finally watched Spider-Man: Far From Home. It was ok. Yep, I can’t see it getting much more than that. Just ok. It could have been worse. But we all have our preferences and such. For me, I prefer the Toby Maguire version. He just fit the character so much better. And I get it, they are trying to bring in a new audience. One that will carry on into the future of the series much like people of my comic generation have done.

But then they lose the older generation because it isn’t what many of us were looking for. It’s a bit like a caricature of what we grew up with. The elements are there but they aren’t quite right. Yeah, it really bugs me that Mary Jane isn’t a red head. It’s those little inconsistencies that pick away at what we expect and pull us out of the experience.

Now with all that said, I liked the way they worked in Mysterio. I really had wondered how they were going to make it work. For a few minutes there, I believed the bit of him being from an alternate earth and being some warrior hero on his earth. The current run of stories on the big screen lend to the possibility of that being true.

And then the smoke screen is pulled away and we see its all a big con. The cgi fits with how they are working the character. This is the most true to the comics part of the stories now that I really enjoy. We have the story telling tech to make someone like Mysterio actually work on the screen.

So we have this balance between really cool character bits and the bits that don’t quite fit with how we expect it all to go. And it leaves me at meh. It isn’t one I feel I missed out when I didn’t go to the theater to watch it. Could it have been a better experience on the big screen instead of my television? Possibly, but then it isn’t really worth dealing with all the annoyances that come with sitting in a theater for a maybe.

Sadly, I think this might be where we are with a good number of the movies coming out recently and in the near future. It really isn’t worth the time and energy to go out of our house for a crowded theater and people for a show that isn’t quite what we are wanting to watch. Maybe if enough of us stop going, Hollywood will get their head out of the posterior and start putting out stuff we need to see in the theater on its first time out.


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