Will you do the Fandango

Here we go with another piece of the strange serial. This is a short one but it gives another glimpse of something else. Maybe it is vital, maybe it is just people going crazy (this is a month of insanity no less).

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Will you do the Fandango
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Will you do the Fandango

Shan stepped into the brisk morning air, his breath billowed in a fine white mist in front of him. After all the work in the garage over the weekend, he hoped to park the car inside to fight the frost. All that changed when they discovered that the door had jammed.

Will you do the Fandango

flikr creative commons via Jonathon Youngblood

He made a few calls the day before, local hardware could replace the lock mechanism but they wouldn’t have the part in for at least a week. The uncharacteristic cold spell that dropped across this side of the state added to his frustration.

His work hours cut into the time he could spend fixing the garage issue, but that would mean making a trip to Home depot on his lunch break. He still hadn’t been to anywhere but their local grocery store and work.

Pride held him back from asking Lisa to pick up the part for him. It wasn’t something he expected but he didn’t want to admit that he was having issues. He didn’t want to admit his failure. She loved the house and really this was only a blip, an inconvenience really.

He shivered in the car as he waited for the heat to kick in. He had plenty of time before he needed to work but he liked to be prepared.

At first he thought it a trick of the frosted window. As it cleared he caught movement near the front of the garage, an animal? No something more. The door lifted up, he was sure of it now. He scraped at the frost on the window, a vain attempt to clear it off. The frost outside still blocked his view.

With a flick of the washer switch fluid splashed across the window. The blades whisked it away and gave him a small purchase of clear glass to peek through. The door was closed, a trick of the light? A shake of his head and he worked the wipers again to break up the last of his fogged up windshield.


I played around a bit with the title on this one. Can you guess what it’s from? There is a clue in that. Yep, those of you who read stories here first get some insight on the inside jokes I have with myself.

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