Edge of the Knife on sale now

Edge of the Knife

Purchase your copy now from Amazon or Smashwords.

Are you ready for this? Edge of the Knife is up and ready. I know what you’re thinking, sure yay a book. But what’s in it for me?

This is where it gets crazy. You can pick up a free copy from Smashwords right now (until July 10th) for free with coupon code ZT24T. We love free right. But that is only the beginning. (We recently traveled through Indiana and saw Krazy Kaplans Fireworks emporium… it must have affected me)

A Death in the Family will be on sale for 99 cents for the Independence Day weekend on Amazon.

And now the biggie. Smashwords is hosting a site wide sale. Till the end of July you can purchase any of my stories hosted on the Smashwords site for 50% off. Use the coupon code listed on the books page to receive that discount.

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