#EbookWeek and A Death in the Family for free

This is a fortuitous turn of events. Do you know what this week is? It is ebook week, of all the crazy things. Who knew?

Anyway, the benefit for you is my recent release of “A Death in the Family.” I mentioned recently that I would be giving it away this week. Well, here it is. Starting Monday the 3rd of March till Friday the 7th of March (all the way till Midnight) you can get yourself a copy of my new novella. You heard that right, I am giving that puppy away. The best part is we can celebrate something cool (ebook week) as well as dig into some of the great weirdness that is my writing.

I’m not sure I can contain this excitement. I mean seriously books of mine for free are always a good thing. Either that or I am a demented freak. How about both? Can we go with both?

Of course, you know what this means right? I am going to babble endlessly this week about picking up this book. You should probably just go ahead and get it out of the way so you can ignore my ceaseless yammer about it.

Head on over to my Amazon page and do some looking around. You never know what might strike your fancy while you count the minutes before “A Death in the Family” is free.

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