Diamonds to Go

Every week cycles back to Wednesday. This is almost like the weekend for me. We might even call it a holiday.

Yep, Wednesday is the day that we get to vote for Indies Unlimited flash fiction challenge. Saturdays they give us a picture and a written prompt and then we have till Tuesday to get a 250 word story written based on the prompts. A panel of judges picks the best stories that represent the prompts and then on Wednesdays we get to vote on our favorites. This all makes for a fun and exciting week.

Diamonds to Go

Diamods to Go

photo by K.S. Brooks

The cops knew Fat Louie was fencing diamonds, but they could never figure out how he was moving the merchandise.

One day, this dame walks into the joint. She’s dressed to the nines and has this little pooch with her. She definitely looked out of place in a dive like this.

I noticed little poochie was particularly interested in one of the sandwiches.

I know it sounds crazy, but with the way this dame dressed, I figured maybe this little mutt knew what diamonds smell like…

“Hey, ‘old it there lady.” I flashed my badge. “Detective Sparks. I need to commandeer dem sammiches.” One of the boys in blue snatched the plate away from her and handed it to me.

I figured it wouldn’t be a pretty option but I took it anyway and thrust my finger deep into the murky depths of BBQ. Sure enough, a couple gleaming stones caught the light when I pulled my finger away. “We got ‘em.” I said as the boys jumped to action.

Fat Louie knew he been made and he hightailed it out the backdoor. The boys gave chase and caught him in the alley. I stuck with the dame; no way I could let her and her poochie out of my sight. “Why’d you do it sister?”

She hit me with that pout, entranced by her deep red of her lips there was little I could do. “I don’t know what you mean officer,” she said. “I only wanted a treat for my poor, little, puppy…”

“Your puppy likes his treats cold,” I said. “Ice cold?” I knew the hard line of my interrogation was slipping away. “Who you working for?”

I never saw it coming when she made her move. She aimed the derringer in her free hand right at my chest. The corners of her mouth turned up a little as she backed toward the door. “Maybe next time Mr. Sparks.” She slipped out the door and turned away from the alley.


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