Decimators and Shenanigans #games

Decimators and Shenanigans

So, this is going to be a dorky thought again. And you thought you were safe from them…

Ended up picking up a ship for X Wing that I have been wanting for months now. It’s been one of those things of picking up other things that are relatively more important at the time. And by that, I mean important for the game and not real life. Sometimes, real life keeps you away from any kind of hobby. Nothing to do in those moments but ride the wave and hope you end up on higher ground… or something.

Anyway, the ship is the VT-49 Decimator. As ships go, it is a fairly large one. But nothing like the size of a star destroyer (yep, geeky comparisons… it happens). And if nothing else, I have wanted it simply because of its look and its name. I am a bit demented in such instances.

Imperial Decimator with Tie Fighter escort

Where everything gets blah though, is in the waiting. I mean, I love the ship and the unboxing of it was more to put the first edition stuff in storage since I have cards and such for the second edition version of the ship. Have you ever noticed that with all the tracking of order numbers and such, it becomes so much easier to get wrapped up in the stories they are telling us online about where are stuff is while transporting. And our patience tends to run thin when we think stuff has sat at a transfer facility for too long. I spent the better part of the day checking the order status.

After the third check mania sets in and you begin to stress that the item in question has sat at a facility away from you for a while. It’s like they are toying with our emotions and such. I know for me, I always want to yell at them to get their shit together, so they can bring me my stuff.

But I digress…

Spent most of the day watching old movies on Vudu and stuff I have in digital. It is one of those days where you aren’t really set to accomplish anything, and you make sure to stick to that plan. I made it pretty good. At least until I saw the mail truck pull into our driveway. That was my ship and I wanted to get stuff organized and underway.

So, in summation, I am cutting this short, so I don’t bore you too much with information about a game you aren’t playing with me. I have some new models for it and that makes me happy. Now it’s a waiting game to get together with others again and see about blowing some stuff up.


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