A Death in the Family

A Death in the Family

Images via flickr creative Commons via Kathleen Tyler Conklin and Zaphad1

Are you ready for this? I’m not sure I am. I am going to go against all social convention right now and tell you that within the next day or so, my new zombie story “A Death in the Family” will be available on Amazon. But I don’t want you to buy it.

What the heck is that all about. Here it is with me releasing a book all ready for your grubby mitts and I don’t want you to buy it? Madness!

Actually, in the next few days I want to breach all protocol and let you know right now that I will be giving this book away (well, for a limited time). You heard me. I want you to take a copy of A Death in the Family and put that baby on your kindle or kindle app and read the bejeebus out of it.

I know this sounds crazy, unheard of. Maybe I am a trend setter? Probably not…

Either way, look for picking the book up around Monday. Get the book then you can cuddle with it and everything. I won’t judge you.

Cover Story:

Sam Marsden is having a bad day. Late for work, stopped by a traffic accident, then to find out her mother is in the hospital with terminal lung cancer. Can her day get any worse?

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