Crazy Week

Crazy week continues…

Yes I missed a post last night. Mind you, it might not have been noticed if I hadn’t said anything. But I don’t want to leave it all weird. Well, weirder than normal.

It seems like when ever anyone in the blogosphere misses a post or disappears for a while they come back with all sorts of excuses for their absence. Life happens sometimes.

I don’t have excuses, I wouldn’t put you all through any of that. Instead I want to state that I am playing around with some new stuff. Of all the strange things that can happy in the world, I have stepped over to the dark side.crazy week

What do I mean by that? I picked up my first Mac. Sure, I have had the Ipad, but that isn’t a major thing. Nope what I am saying is I know have a Macbook Pro, not only that but I set up a new network in the house with an Airport Time Capsule. And that is the real reason why I didn’t make an appearance last night.

They tell you that the setting up the network is easy. Ya, not so much. But We have a saving grace, Youtube is our friend. I ended up loading up a video to go through the whole process of set up. With guidance it is much easier to deal with than just staring at all the parts.
crazy weekStill quite a bit of a learning curve to go through figuring out the interface for the Mac. I added office and Onenote last night (I like the Mac interface for Onenote). At some point soon I will be adding in Scrivener. But I have a bit more to go I am sure.

So now I turn to you. Let’s hear it from you Cultists out there. What apps and programs do you use on a regular basis that make your computer life easier.

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