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Let’s see what we have here right now…

To start, I am behind in everything. The sense of malaise is palpable and wears at the soul. I’m sure you know that one already. We’re all doing essentially the same thing right now; sitting on the couch and playing video games or binging on shows we never had the time to watch otherwise. You would think that would allow us the time to do so much more, but binging takes so much of our day and energy.

Anyway, last week I started on some time helping to hand out lunches for kids. Our school district has three different areas to cover (with multiple stops in those areas). Been doing it everyday over the last week and will do some more days in the week to come. Some days it ends up being a nonstop run to keep up runners ready to fill orders. We are set up almost like a drive through with food runners to take bags to cars and walk ups as we get them.

The problem I face with it is the disruption in the routine. It’s like being caught in limbo and not really knowing what might be happening from minute to minute. I tend to get most productive when I can set a specific routine. This stuff saps at my energies and leaves me feeling a bit lost and apathetic. Easier just to spend the time either reading or playing some games (mindless games where you just blow stuff up works out well in times like this. I’ve been playing Diablo 3 quite a bit.).

I don’t know about you, but I have felt the malaise and have this feeling like there is going to be another shoe dropping at any moment. Which is something I woke up to today.

It rained hard last night. Yeah, the basement flooded. I was up at 630 to start the shop vac to get the majority of it up. During that time I went outside to check the gutters (the fall of the second shoe). Filled with last fall’s leaves, the rain had no where else to go but right into our basement. It’s one of those moments when you observe how much you have already vacuumed up and wonder just how much rain fell while you were sleeping. This is stuff we end up dumping outside again because it’s a bit too dirty to dump into the washer. After trips up and down the stairs with full buckets of water, you realize you have gotten your workout in for the day.

Of course, out of the timeline as I remember this part. The flooding comes after the week when we redid the living room floor. I had turned off the furnace because it was a warm day and I had the door open. Only to find the next day that the furnace wouldn’t light again. It was the day after that I had called a furnace place to send someone out and take a look at it. Yeah, that was several ours and decent bill later that we finally had heat again. Just in time for snow to fall.

And here we are, still wondering where we might end up over the course of the next few weeks. Will we still be on lock down through the month of April? What will the long term effects be from all of this? It’s another uncertainty of what you might be doing for work when this is all over. Because if there isn’t money coming in anymore, it will definitely be time to find another job. Of course, no one is really hiring at the moment since nothing is even open.

We have slowly been moving toward more online shopping for a number of things we use all the time. This has put us on a crash course, to figure out even more of what we can get without having to leave the house. It hit home the other day when we took the dog for a walk.

There is an open field where we let him run free while we walk back and forth in it. Gives him a chance to get some running in and we still get steps. And we are moving into flea and tick season now, without any vet offices being open except in emergencies. Already had to reschedule the neutering of one of our kittens (the other one had been fixed before the lock downs happened). Now just waiting for that to change up again too.

Someone on the bus yesterday mentioned that one of the good things to come from all of this is how it has brought people closer together. We have people for the most part supporting and helping others. Mind you, my thought for that is, of course, because we are removed from each other now. If we were still seeing each other on a daily basis we would be back to wanting to kill all the people around us again. Maybe we all just needed a break from each other.

Anyway, just some rambly thoughts for the day. I hope your coronacation is everything you hoped it would be. The world may be a bit different when we are finally unfettered again.

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