Coming Attractions: Available Soon

Seems like I am lost in a sea of stuff to do. Ever have a moment when it feels like you can’t get caught up? Well, sometimes that seems to be the way everything goes.

But on that note I have a few releases that will be available soon. Ya, I know, that tells you nothing. How about I do a little showing off so you can prepare yourself for what’s to come.

Nope, not going to share any words just yet. Instead I have a few covers I have worked on in preparation of the upcoming titles.

Coming Attractions

Coming Attractions Silent past

photo via flikr creative commons via yisris

Coming Attractions Patrol

flickr creative commons via Philo Nordlund
changes made: removed color and blurred

Coming Attractions Distant Shores

Background photo flickr creative commons via Tuzen
front photo via Jon M. Jefferson


I know I didn’t give you much to read today. Why not pick up Flash in the Pan to tide you over? It’s on sale for 99 cents till Sunday.

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