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Clone War Jedi

Yeah, I’m back on a bit of a Star Wars kick again. This time I have been going through the first volume of the Clone Wars books (Star Wars Omnibus: Clone Wars Vol. 1 The Republic Goes to War (Marvel 2015)). This one is pretty big but I couldn’t tell you how many comics it contains. I’m not going to look it up either cause I’m lazy. Let’s just say it gets pretty deep into the storyline.

Anyway, I can’t say that there is a main storyline within this series, at least other than the Clone Wars and some of the battles we haven’t seen in other forms. But that’s why these stories are so good. What we experience with the Clone Wars Cartoons (which are amazing too) is pretty much the military aspect of the wars. We don’t see nearly as much of the universe and the life within it as we might hope. But books like this one take it a step beyond what we see in other places.Clone War Jedi

I don’t mean that we are taken on a tour of the galaxy and the day to day life of those who live within it. No, instead we are shown quite a bit of the actions of the Jedi and the clone troopers outside of the major battles we have seen in other media. We are given a much bigger glimpse of the universe.

That’s the kind of thing I like to find. I don’t want to spend my time digging through various encyclopedia to find this information (even though I tend to do that at times too). I would rather see the different stories that build the worlds.

Case in point is the Jedi Quinlon Voss. Without these stories we probably would never have heard from him. We follow him through a couple different story arcs throughout the series. One of the bigger ones is his time as a double agent. Basically, he spends a good part of the war walking the fine line of the light and dark side. As an agent for the Jedi Council, he ends up joining forces with Count Dooku, who spends his time pushing Voss to become a dark Jedi.

Of course, I don’t like to use the word Sith for Dooku. He may have fallen to the Dark side but he doesn’t necessarily fit into the framework of what we have learned of the Sith. He definitely doesn’t follow the rule of two, even though he takes the place of Darth Maul as Sidious’ chosen apprentice. Without these stories we wouldn’t really see all the evil and darkness that Dooku spreads throughout the galaxy.

As a counter point to all of these with Jedi and miraculous battles of will and what not, we get to observe the political battles of Bail Organa as he begins to grow within the rebellion (and this takes place before the rebellion is given official form). It’s a bit like all the stories alluded to in other media are given a bit of form and function.

For me, it is the stuff like this that really helps me build the greater worlds I read about. All the stories that go into the creation and expansion of the mythology, makes for not only good entertainment but also the opportunity to see how a world can be built from nothing and be as real as what we imagine.


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