Child of Blackmoon #vignettes

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Child of Blackmoon

Blackest night, midnight with a cloudless sky and no moon to show for it. The dark side of the moon passes over the field. That day and for days preceding it, the trials of war had filled the land. Nothing but death stirred in the field now. Bodies amassed and forgotten in a war that should never have come.

child of blackmoon

Flickr Creative Commons via Nicki Varkefisser

Baltric looked upon the darkened earth, scanned it in his mind. He had lost sight of his brother in the chaos of battle and had no hope of finding him now, in the darkest of nights. The stars above lay shadows in all but the darkest of places. If he were joined in his vigils at any other point of the surrounding forest, he would not know of it. The edges of woods were reduced to darker blots in the night.

He leaned back against a tree, a moment to rest his eyes. The days before flashed through, reminders of a war he would never forget. They had come unbidden. Forced upon him as he relived the deaths around him again and again.

A choice had been made at day’s end. He would need survive the night to embark on his new geas. Though, that could be construed as improbable. The wound that marked his leg, had stopped bleeding some time ago, left him with the pain. But it hadn’t been the mark that led to his decision. He had suffered worse wounds in his time.

It had been his brother, broken on the ground before him that cemented his mind. He had watched him die and could do nothing to stop it. The beast ripped the flesh and crushed bones with an audible snap. Twigs had given Baltric more resistance when he broke them to stoke a cooking fire.


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