Change in the Air

Change in the Air

I know, I know, the second post this week is late. And it is part of the problem I am running into right now. Basically, I have been thinking lately and I have some issues I want to figure out and work around and make better. But I am a bit into a corner right now.

Essentially what is going to be happening is I will be going on a hiatus from Patreon for a bit. The platform can be good if you spend the time working it and really get into the rewards system and all that. But right now I am finding it to be limiting.

There are times I want to play around and do some different things but they don’t fall into the parameters I had set for the subscription. And it just takes away the feelings of enjoyment I have had in the past. And the thing of it is, I like having a bit more freedom to change things around and such.

This really isn’t going to change much of what we have come to know and love here. Stories will always be a big part of the blog. But at the same time, I feel like the way I am working with stories is changing. I find I have been coming into longer and longer stories as I work through them.

What this means for you is something I hadn’t thought I would come to. There is a strong possibility of some novel length stories in the future. I want to have the flexibility to make announcements and talk about them as they come about. I also feel like I owe it to those who read here regularly to know what to expect in the future.

Really, this is a reality we all must face in our professional and daily lives. Things change and we must be willing to work with the changes to find the best ways to utilize those changes for our benefit.

As always the opportunity to help further my efforts at entertaining the world will be available with the purchase of the books widely available as well as dropping some coffee change in the Paypal hat. Of course conversation and post likes are always appreciated as well.

Be prepared, there are still a number of projects in the works and they will see the light of day as they become available. Of course, those of you that come here will know about them first.

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