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Klaus is Coming to Town #reflection

Klaus is Coming to Town I honestly had no idea what I might want to talk about for Christmas weekend. I mean I am literally sitting here on Christmas Eve and I still had nothing. Operative word being had. That’s right. It was like the comic spirits had been thinking …

next testament

Next Testament #reflection

Next Testament Yeah, I know, it wasn’t but a short time ago that we delved into some Clive Barker stories. And of course, I love everything to do with the Cenobytes and the horrors they show us. But I couldn’t pass up going through some thoughts on something from a …

Real Life gets in the way

You know those days when real life gets in the way of things? Yeah, going through that for a bit right now. I don’t have anything ready for the day and I don’t see anything coming up through the rest of my day. It’s one of those days where I …