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Happy 244 #USMC

Happy 244th Birthday to the United States Marine Corp This is going out a little early, but November 10th falls on the weekend. Happy birthday to those who have earned the title United States Marine. We are all 244 this year.

To the past

To the Past #remembrance

To the Past The past couple weeks were pretty hard and heavy with loss. I had thought to come back today with something to uplift my spirits and what not. And then I realized what day it is… So, what I have for you today is a few videos fitting …

Creative Space

Creative Space

Creative Space So I am sitting here, in my office/war room, and I am trying to think of something to write about. And the thing of it is, I had already thought of something similar to this already, I just lost it over the intervening months since I wrote it. …

Darmok in Metaphor

Darmok in Metaphor #reflection

Darmok in Metaphor I realized something recently, and honestly I don’t know why it took this long. And right now I am still thinking of how I want to jump into this subject today. I guess the best thing is to just pick something out and see where it takes …

Max 2019

Max 2019 #reflection

  Max 2019 In my mind I am nothing but a torrent of emotions. I don’t know where or what I will be saying in this today but it is coming and I will deal with it. I want to say it started recently but this is something that has …

Merry Cthulhumas

This is pretty much an annual thing now. The season is upon us. Sadly, the flu hit me hard right now so I am going with a repost of the seasonal reminder (originally December 20, 2016). Enjoy the merriment as it is intended. Merry Cthulhumas We all should know by …

shifting sands

Shifting Sands #reflection

Shifting Sands This is going to be a bit of a circle in thought today. To start off, I am not going to directly talk about where the thoughts come from. Instead I am going to jump into something that is more of an allegory of the thoughts and how …

Maybe a dream

Maybe a Dream #thoughts

This is a quick one today. It’s just where I am right at this moment. Maybe a Dream I am tired. I know, that isn’t a strong way to start something. Hell, I don’t even know that I am starting something right now. I’m sitting here in my office, listening …

Drafting Thoughts

Drafting #Thoughts

Drafting Thoughts It’s super early in the morning right now (and I have never been a morning person). I had wanted to get something written or some great insight to shed life on this odd thing we call life, but instead I find myself working my way through life and …