Candle in the Darkness

I have a nasty cold kicking my butt right now (I passed out last night and got nothing done). I figure tonight some light and breezy monster fun should make for a good time.

Candle in the Darkness

“It’s time.” Tim nodded but kept walking. Jenny was waiting for him. She always gave him that “look” when he arrived late.

The late October wind carried a chill that sunk deep into his bones. Though he pulled his hoodie tight against his chest, it did little to block the cold. Tim was later than usual. Jenny expected him home over an hour ago.

“You must.” He blocked the words out. He still heard them but chose to ignore them. “Do it, do it now.”

“You have no power here,” he said. “I can make my own decisions.” He pulled the hat of his hoodie tighter. The wind fought through the cover to his ears.

“It’s time.”

“Stop it, just stop it!” His face blossomed red. A quick glance around, the street was deserted. “I can’t do this anymore.”

“It’s time.”

“Fine,” he said. “This is the last time. We need to get home.” A glance left and right, then he quick stepped into the field beside the road. “I can’t believe I let you talk me into this.”

He unzipped his hoodie and opened it wide. A light jumped from his chest and landed on the ground in front of him. “Time to run.” The voice came from the spot of light on the ground. A shadow formed behind the blob of light.

“Hurry, we still need to get home.”

“Okies.” The shadow/light sprinted into the distance of the field. Fast so very fast, like a flashlight beam chasing the distance.

Tim checked his watch. “We’re wasting time. We need to get moving.” The light came back and jumped onto his chest. Tim zipped his hoodie as he walked back to the sidewalk. “Better now?”

“Much thanks,” the light said.

They continued in silence, until they turned down the drive to Tim’s house. The light pulsed against his chest as he neared the front door. “Relax, we’re almost there.”

“I can feel it. It’s so close now.”

“Be cool, just once. Could you, just be cool?”


“You keep this up and we’re turning around.” Tim opened the door and stepped inside.

Jenny met him at the door. “Where have you been?” Her arms were crossed, a sly smile played at her lips.

With a heavy sigh Tim removed his hoodie. The light bounced to the ceiling then landed in Jenny’s folded arms. “Someone had to stop every five minutes.”

She took Tim’s hand in her own. “Dinner’s ready,” she said as she guided him out of the doorway.

The walked, hand in hand, to the end of the hall, where she let go of his hand at a closed door. When he opened the door she let the light drop to the floor. “Shall we?” she asked.

He said nothing, his hands stretched behind his head. As he pulled the skin forward a bright light appeared.

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