Bump in the Night

I ask your forgiveness. I am not a poet, it isn’t often that something like what you are about to experience comes over me. All I can say is I was thinking of the phrase Bump in the Night but a story just wasn’t coming with it. I had sounds and thoughts but nothing else. Well, in that whole mess we find a place that seems a bit unusual, at least for me at any rate.

Bump in the Night

Tap tap tap
Tree at the window

Bump in the Night

flickr creative commons via R∂lf Κλενγελ

Creek groan snap
Tarp over the woodpile

Baying hounds
Moon breaks horizon

Ba-dum ba-dum ba-dum
Heart beats faster

Shuffle click shuffle click
Shoes on pavement

Grave yard dirt
rotting flesh

vise like grip
chill embrace

searing pain rending tearing


While we’re thinking about things that go bump in the night, check out Hate Candy. There are all sorts of crazy things inside those pages that can unsettle your night.

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